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Camp Chestermere is a year round ministry that runs summer camps, winter camps, events, group bookings, birthday parties, weddings and conferences. During the summer we run day camps for children ages 5 – 13 and overnight camps for children ages 7 – 18. We offer a variety of activities including power tubing, kayaking, canoeing, archery, target shooting, sling shots, wall climbing, wide games, and much, much more. At Camp Chestermere we aim to establish a healthy Christ centred community by building relationships, creating experiences and developing people. Located just outside Calgary in Chestermere, Alberta, the camp has been a vital part of the community for over 60 years, providing a venue for recreational, spiritual and social interaction for all ages.

We further believe that every child should have an opportunity to attend camp. It is our philosophy that no camper should be refused access to camp because of financial circumstances. With your help we can give even more children the gift of camp! A week of Day Camp is $275 and a week of Overnight Camp is $375. We also host weekend camps throughout the school year and those cost $90 per person. We have many families who need assistance in order to send their children to camp and so your help is greatly appreciated.

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Ernest Morrow Jr High

Ernest Morrow Jr High is located in Southeast Calgary providing a Wide variety of exploratory courses (Robotics, Computers, Instrumental Music, Leadership, Dance, Drama, Art, Creative Arts, High Performance Fitness, Outdoor Education, Digital Photography, Social Justice) 
with a Strong focus on athletic and extracurricular programs 

The monies will support Ernest Morrow School by creating authentic, hands-on learning opportunities for students with different learning styles with the development of a Maker Space.  The creation of a Maker Space would allow us to address several areas of learning as well as personalizing learning for students with greater need.  A Maker Space is a space in the school that allows students to gather around a “real world” problem. “What does sustainable agriculture look like?” How does a dam work and what impact does it have on an ecosystem?” The students are then engaged in design-thinking through hypothesizing, exploration, and experimentation where students are given the materials to achieve a common goal requiring collaboration around that real-world problem.

Students are also involved in decision-making as well as an evaluative process regarding the decisions they make. For example, a Maker Space would allow students who traditionally do not have access to materials to engage in design-thinking and innovation. This allows these students the opportunity to develop skills to adapt to a world in which technology will replace many jobs they have traditionally had access to.